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Embrace Resilience Pilot Opportunity

Sign up to the Wellbeing and Resilience pilot and improve the mental health and resilience of your workforce.
Funding from the Big Lottery allows us to offer free courses and a comprehensive solution to any employer taking part in the pilot programme.

Features: 24/7 access to online learning tools to develop, personal resilience and mental strength, signposting for help and support, alert system for people in crisis to discretely ask for help and support, admin dashboard demonstrating engagement right across the organisation, learner support dashboards, mental health first aid, managing stress and anxiety and lots more, all content compliant with the standards required by the Care Quality Commission.

Benefits: reduce stress, anxiety, sickness and absence, improve mental strength and develop a more resilient workforce, offer personal and professional development opportunities for all staff, a more loyal and engaged workforce, recognition that you are taking real and meaningful steps to support your workforce.

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