Mental Health First Response e-learning course

This course is designed to support any individual or organisation looking to promote mental health at work. It is highly relevant for the entire workforce and has a useful toolkit to improve the confidence and skills in addressing issues of Mental Health both at work and in the wider community. It is particularly useful for those wishing to become a Mental Health First Aider or Mental Health Champion at work.

Our aim is to make mental health training as widespread, flexible and accessible as mandatory training such as Health and Safety. In addition to its value in Continuing Professional Development, this course comprises an ‘online toolkit’ readily accessible as, and when, required.

It’s particularly useful for organisations that find it difficult to release staff for training and/or meet the expense of a two-day programme for staff.

We recommend employers use this course as part of a ‘blended learning’ approach which includes face-to-face training delivered by an accredited Mental Health First Aid instructor.

First Response Toolkit

Who should do the course?

The course is for anyone interested in learning first principles of mental health. Learners will discover how to promote mental health at work and how to respond to a colleague who may be developing a mental health problem or facing a crisis.

Course content

‘Mental Health First Response’ is based on evidence and guidance drawn from clinical and non-clinical sources including NHS and charities such as Mental Health First Aid England, Mental Health Foundation and Mind.

Key learning objectives:

At the end of this course learners will be able to:

  • Recognise signs and symptoms of common mental health problems
  • Use correct language to describe and respond to mental health issues
  • Identify risk factors and appropriate responses for common mental health problems
  • Respond and offer appropriate peer support to colleagues
  • Promote Mental Health at Work
  • Identify key characteristics of a Mental Health Champion in the workplace.

Key learning units include:

  • Fundamentals of Mental Health First Response
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Psychosis
  • Panic attacks
  • Eating Disorders