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Resilience and Me for Children

Online Safety for Children

Schools Charter for emotional resilience, mental health and physical wellbeing

Our school is committed to the following statements:

  • Emotional resilience, mental health and physical wellbeing are at the heart of what we do
  • A 'whole school' approach to developing resilience and wellbeing is applied across the school
  • Teachers and non-teaching staff should set an example by adopting principles of emotional resilience to help children and young people pay attention to their own personal development
  • Given the appropriate support, teachers, children and parents can develop techniques to become stronger, happier and more resilient.

As a school, we aim to:

  • Secure explicit commitment from the school's governing body to support staff, children and parents by providing relevant information and guidance
  • Provide access for parents and staff, to a clear set of school policies outlining our approach to resilience and wellbeing
  • Communicate a shared vision, outlining the importance of emotional health and wellbeing across the school. This will include the provision of online learning for staff and pupils
  • Ensure that all teaching and non-teaching staff are briefed on common mental health issues through the use of online learning
  • Ensure that all teachers are supported in their own professional development through the provision of training in stress management, resilience and wellbeing
  • Provide non-judgemental and proactive support to individual staff who experience mental health issues.
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SEND Charter

This school is committed to providing children with special educational needs and disabilities the support they need to engage in the opportunities afforded the wider school population. To support this principle, we will take action to:

  • Ensure processes are in place to identify and then assess the individual needs of each child with SEND
  • Co-ordinate the provision for SEND pupils across the school to ensure maximum inclusion in all aspects of school life
  • Ensure that Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinators SENDCO’s get the support they need to fulfil their role
  • Liaise with parents and other outside agencies
  • Ensure teaching and learning support assistants receive accurate information advice and guidance in supporting SEND pupils
  • Provide continuing professional development opportunities through this platform for all staff across the school to learn about SEND issues
  • Ensure SENCO’s will be included in discussions on strategic leadership and whole school improvement
  • Ensure SENCOs have non-teaching time within the timetabled teaching day additional to their PPA time to fulfil their role.

The Wellbeing Ecosystem for teachers, children and their families

  • Comprehensive course library including Safeguarding, First Aid and lots more
  • Statutory training requirements for teaching and non-teaching staff
  • Free downloadable journals and resilience toolkits
  • Evidence-based Mental Health and Resilience courses
  • Resilience and Online safety e-learning modules for 7 – 11 year olds
  • SEN courses for teaching and non-teaching staff
  • Resilience courses for parents
  • Learning Management System

Engaging, flexible and highly cost-efficient

£300 per primary school (+VAT per year)

£500 per secondary school (+VAT per year)

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  1. Set up your own Wellbeing Ecosystem in two minutes by completing the online registration form.
  2. Invite learners to sign up and take courses
  3. Review the feedback from learners and try out reporting functions on the Learning Management System.
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