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Employers Charter for emotional resilience, mental health and physical wellbeing

This Organisation declares its commitment to the statements below:

  • Among the key values of this organisation are the emotional resilience, mental health and physical wellbeing of it's workforce
  • A 'whole organisation' approach to developing resilience, health and wellbeing is the best way to support staff and their families
  • Staff should set an example by adopting and applying principles of emotional resilience, mental health and physical wellbeing
  • Given the appropriate support, our employees can develop techniques to become stronger, happier and more resilient.

We as an organisation aim to:

  • Secure explicit commitment from senior management to support staff by providing information and guidance to help develop resilience and wellbeing
  • Provide access for all staff, to a clear set of policies outlining our approach to resilience, health and managing stress at work
  • Communicate a shared vision outlining the importance of emotional resilience, mental health and physical wellbeing across the organisation
  • Make it clear to all staff that this organisation actively promotes principles of resilience and wellbeing and will support any member of staff who has experienced mental health issues
  • Provide staff with learning resources to address emotional resilience, mental health and physical wellbeing
  • Ensure that all staff are supported in their own professional development through the provision of training in stress management, resilience and wellbeing
  • Provide non-judgmental and proactive support to individual staff who experience mental health issues.
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Disabilities Charter

This organisation is committed to providing disabled people with all the opportunities afforded the wider workforce. To support this principle, we will take action to:

  • Encourage job applications from, and will not discriminate against, disabled people or any other group, in relation to recruitment process, pay and conditions of work
  • Ensure support is available for any person with a disability to carry out their responsibilities
  • Ensure our workforce is given the opportunity via this learning platform, to learn about disability and how to support people with disabilities
  • Make reasonable adjustments to ensure disabled people do not miss out on opportunities to participate fully in at work
  • Include disabled people in training opportunities or other employment processes
  • Promote an inclusive wok culture where all staff have equal opportunities to participate for in training and other employment processes.

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Workforce Resilience

Our Workforce Resilience Learning Platform delivers:

  • Evidence-based Mental Health and Resilience for your staff and their families
  • Free downloadable journals and resilience toolkits
  • Full package of CQC compliant training courses
  • Learning Management System
  • Engaging, flexible and highly cost-efficient courses
  • Face to face training workshops more here >>

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Clients include Health Education England, Essex County Council, Age Concern, Cumbria Youth Alliance and North East Scotland College
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“We rolled out the Resilience and Wellbeing initiative to around 8,000 learners served by the Midlands and East Dental School. The dental profession has massively benefited from the support Embrace Resilience has delivered.”

Maria Ross-Russell
Health Education England

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