If you’re a primary school head, working in Leicestershire or Rutland and if you have an interested in exploring the emotional process of transition between primary and secondary education,  the Embrace team would love to hear from you.

embrace resilience KS2 leavers

Year 6  leaver shirt – I will miss you

We’re in the process of creating brand new e-learning resources designed to build personal resilience and develop coping skills in young people at school and at home.

The goal is to prepare kids for this famously tricky journey of separation and independence, encourage them to adopt a positive outlook and stay in great emotional shape through the trials and tribulations of the year seven experience.

This is an exciting opportunity to form an ongoing partnership with a group of creative professionals and see your ideas and experience brought to life in our really useful e-learning modules.

For more information, call or email Tricia.foster@embrace-learning.co.uk /0161 928 9987