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Change and Resilience

Adapt or fail. This is the essence of resilience. The ‘Stages of Change’ is a behaviour change model used widely in psychology and addiction therapies. It has something of real value to offer those wishing to manage change in their own lives and improve their resilience and mental health. It’s safe to say that Mental […]

The Menopause and Mental Health

Reasons for employers to provide learning opportunities. The menopause is generally seen as a personal matter rather than an issue for employers, but it is increasingly acknowledged that supporting the health and wellbeing of the workforce is an investment that will pay off for the employer in all kinds of ways.  Any employee who feels […]

Calling Headteachers in Leicestershire & Rutland

If you’re a primary school head, working in Leicestershire or Rutland and if you have an interested in exploring the emotional process of transition between primary and secondary education,  the Embrace team would love to hear from you. We’re in the process of creating brand new e-learning resources designed to build personal resilience and develop […]

What IS Debt? 5 Common Characteristics.

  What is Debt? Technically speaking, debt is any amount of money owed to another person or organisation. Realistically, debt is money spent but not yet earned. Practically, we think of debt as being unable to repay bills or borrowed money.     Research carried out  in the UK found that more than 15% of us regularly […]

Challenging Behavior – Another new Release from Embrace-Learning

  Challenging Behaviour A term used to describe behaviour which threatens the quality of life of an individual or others. A single unit module, designed to provide information advice and guidance to those who encounter challenging behaviour at home or at work.   The course focuses primarily on challenging behaviour in dementia but includes guidance content […]

First Aid – Another New Release from Embrace Learning

First Aid: emergency care or treatment given to an ill or injured person before regular medical aid can be obtained. First Aid is for everyone, whether the situation is a minor one or something serious, First Aid knowledge will give you the confidence to act, and your actions could be life-saving. A great course for […]