Your message, your customers, your missionTailor Made Elearning for Expert Employers.

Keeping it real – Embrace bespoke courseware is built with content taken directly from your organisation – your branding,  your language, your best practice, your reality.

Nothing engages learners like seeing a familiar landscape in a new format, so packing your material with local accents, images and familiar faces means your message begins to embed from the very first session.

Tailor made e-learning for expert employers

Set great examples by using case studies that genuinely resonate with your workforce.

Commissioning bespoke courseware is more than a bit like having the best peer mentor of all time available on a  24/7 basis – Except with e learning in your training toolkit, you can guarantee that the message will be 100% consistent, every time, no question.

Time is money, smart employers make sure every training minute counts.

If your entire team have to review Data Protection or Manual Handling every year it had better add measurable value to your business. This is the perfect opportunity to illustrate the challenges faced by your business – those small (or large) risks that too often cost your business time and money.

Hold the Focus.

Your bespoke course will contain only what you need it to. It will also be pitched at precisely the right level for your audience. Every message is useful and directly pertinent so not a minute of learning time gets wasted and not a single learning opportunity is missed.

You know you love them really. 

Great training plays a big part in staff retention. Employees who feel they’ve been invested in, get a sense of belonging which encourages them to return the compliment. Your investment will also make people much less likely to follow the money.

All e learning is NOT equal.

Embrace specialises in producing fully accredited learning that people remember for all the right reasons.  A brilliant but easy to use  LMS and friendly technical support team both come as standard with all our products but most importantly, your team can learn at a time place and pace that best suits them – and your budget.

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