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6 Top Tips for Staying Well When The Going Gets Tough.

  Embrace; Providing e-Learning to the Care Sector Since 2004 Health and Social care teams deserve a greater than average measure of gratitude and respect for being there to care for us when we need it most. But without the right support, daily engagement in emotional and physically demanding work can seriously impact the health […]

So you work with an Autist?

Autist, Aspie or just another uniquely talented colleague who takes everyone at their word and probably loves the jobs you hate – lucky you.     No two people with Asperger’s are the same. They share the same level of intellect, talent, skills and desire to work as the rest of the population and yet […]

All About Embrace

 About the Team We’re a tiny team of specialists, which means while we all get to wear a lot of different hats you’ll always hear a friendly voice when you call. We all have our own area of expertise, but we also place really great customer service at the top of our big list of […]

Discover Asset Based Community Development e-Learning

Co-designed by Embrace-Learning and some very clever people at Forever Manchester. ABCD introduces the principles of Asset Based Community Development to those with an interest in improving lives and reducing dependency in local communities.   With the focus firmly on the positive aspects of community life, the module aims to support pride, in ownership and […]

Safeguarding Children – New Realease

 Going Live Today. A newly updated version of perennially popular Embrace-Learning, Safeguarding Children Course. A comprehensive six-unit module, combining a legislative overview with advice and guidance on day-to-day responsibilities for anyone who works with children. Modules cover essential information including the early identification of child abuse, and neglect, alerting, disclosure, assessing risk and information sharing. […]

5 Great Reasons to Embrace Resilience and Wellbeing in Social Housing Communities.

  1.Quality housing services make a huge contribution to community resilience. A combination of higher living costs and lower benefits are putting normal life out of reach for thousands of social housing tenants. Unsurprisingly we’re also seeing an across the board increase in mental health issues. Raising awareness of very simple resilience building steps can make […]

Do you know enough about drug and alcohol abuse?

  Almost one in three drugs overdoses in Europe were recorded in the UK as the continent’s rate of drug deaths rose for the third year in a row, according to the European drugs agency. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/jun/06/almost-one-in-three-drugs-overdoses-in-europe-occur-in-the-uk According to The Breaking Free Group http://www.russellwebster.com/uk-drug-report-2017/ Drug-induced death is the fifth most common cause of preventable death among 15- to 49-year-olds in […]

Why the WE?

Happy, and healthy individuals build happy and healthy communities. Which is why Embrace created the Well-Being Ecosystem. It goes without saying that home and community have a profound effect, for better or worse, on the way we perform at work. Which of us hasn’t experienced times when worrying about family has challenged our ability to concentrate on the […]

Feel Less Lonely – talk to a woman

I spotted this fairly flimsy bit of American research earlier this week.  https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-art-closeness/201707/feeling-lonely-talk-woman Apparently, lonely people of all genders are more likely to feel slightly less lonely after a conversation with a woman than a man. Which made me wonder, is that because women are great listeners or good talkers? There is something about the […]