5 Great Reasons to Embrace Resilience and Wellbeing in Social Housing Communities.


Embracce wellbeing in social housing

1.Quality housing services make a huge contribution to community resilience.

A combination of higher living costs and lower benefits are putting normal life out of reach for thousands of social housing tenants. Unsurprisingly we’re also seeing an across the board increase in mental health issues. Raising awareness of very simple resilience building steps can make a real difference to how well your tenants approach change and cope with challenges.


2.The well-being of tenantsCommunities need employment opportunties individuals need reliable work is critical to a healthy and economically sound environment.

Lifestyle choices, relationships and personal histories all impact the way we feel about work. Embrace Resilience and Wellbeing modules are packed with easy to absorb information which supports productive working lives and economically viable neighbourhoods.


3. Healthy Communities are Sustainable Communities.

Helping people to stop smoking or think about their drug and alcohol use, weight loss, nutrition, exercise and mental health management makes a big contribution to community resilience.

Embrace gift a certain number of Resilience and Wellbeing e-learning modules to nominated communities every month.

Go to https://embraceresilience.com/free-courses-residents/  for more information and use the response form below to tell us about groups near you.


Resilient communities4. Improved employment opportunities depend on improved health outcomes.

Support fuller working lives by providing families affected by illness or disability with realistic insights and new coping strategies.

E-learning modules which provide need-to-know info about health conditions and suggest helpful ideas about care and pain management can make a huge difference to people living with illness or caring for family members.


5.Encouraging individuals to tap into their talents is a great way to build community engagement.

Embrace and Forever Manchester have co-designed an Asset Based Community Development module focusing on whats right rather than whats wrong in community settings, the course gradually turns beginners into fully fledged ABCD practitioners, with all the skills required to recruit, coordinate and sustain community projects.

The module works equally well for professional or community engagement. The material is easy to follow and highly interactive.



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