Feel Less Lonely – talk to a woman

I spotted this fairly flimsy bit of American research earlier this week. 


Apparently, lonely people of all genders are more likely to feel slightly less lonely after a conversation with a woman than a man.

Which made me wonder, is that because women are great listeners or good talkers?

There is something about the way women interact, something in their willingness to listen while others offload and an instinctive curiosity about emotional triggers that makes me think it could be true.

This lovely little infographic better describes the behaviour ofGood listeners practised conversationalists than great listeners.

It’s about interacting rather than listening alone which I think is what my female friends are especially good at. My Girlfriends will be delighted to know that for me they mainly epitomise trampolines – not sponges – that’s you Mrs B.

If your social circle includes 5 or more supportive buddies you should count yourself lucky.

If not you should probably think about devoting a little time to nurturing these life enhancing relationships because another less flimsy bit of research told me they can help you live longer.


AND stay healthier …


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